the chair project: fabric choice #1

well as most of you know from this blog POST that i have new chairs. which means there is a chair project in the works.

i pinned THIS image to my pinterest board, as one the fabrics i want to redo my chairs in. after i pinned the image, robin from gilded manor was so gracious and offered to send me a sample of the fabric. of course i could not and would not say no.
it finally arrived the other day. i may or may not have been stalking my mailbox.

i have been pining after the scalamandre zebra fabric in the masai red colorway ever since i saw it in the form of wallpaper. this print in the form of a textile is probably my number one fabric choice, because it encompasses two of my favorite design elements, the color red and black and white stripes. pairing this  $450 a yard of fabric next to a $6.99 a yard fabric from ikea does put things into perspective.
the fabric is beautiful. hands down.


the red is not a vibrant red as i thought it would be and the black looks brown when placed side-by-side against the ikea fabric. that slight difference can make a huge difference sometimes. with this fabric going for $450 a yard, i think i would have to be in a state of "i cant live without it" before i make that type of invest. oh yea and a place that i actually own and not rent.

my last reservation is that i dont think the whole zebra will fit on the back (where i want it to go).

i am not totally putting it out of my mind, cuz i do love it.

if you happen to come across this fabric at an outlet or you can get it waaaay cheaper than $450, i'd be interesting in working with you.
i have started a waiting list as i more than likely will not keep all of these chairs. if you are interested in reserving a chair or two or three or four or more, email me and let me know (