THRIFT TIP: buy now

for some unknown reason i think i am a party planner. i try to channel my colin cowie every now and then.i think well thought out parties or quick, but tasteful get together is the fabric of memories.

i prefer long gracious sit down meals around the table, rather than a wham bam thank you ma'am cocktail party. i enjoy conversation. the food doesn't have to be extraordinary (although it would be nice), but the gathering of people is what it is all about.
the holidays are coming up. seriously they will be here before you know it. i think sit down meals are customary for families or groups of people that know each other. sip and bites type deals seem to be for companies or business that just wants to do a lil summin summin for the holidays. 

if you are going to have a sit down dinner in your home, you should start buying the necessary items now to avoid major costs during the hectic season.
cowie noted in his article that when he considered have an intimate dinner for his partner's birthday, he only invited the 16 people. the maximum number of people his dining table could accommodate, without having to rent anything. brilliant. if you are lucky enough you can often come across a grouping of matching chairs at a reasonable price that you can buy and store for dinners and special occasions.
i prefer matching chairs at a dinner table. it brings cohesion and elegance to a dining experience. im not into whimsy. if you cannot find matching chairs, this dining set is a perfect example of how to achieve a cohesive look. this designer simply painting all the wood the same and used the same upholstery fabric for the seats. while the chairs are not the same, they are a single unit in design and i like that.
when search for chairs try to look for chairs that are on within your budget. finding chairs that $10 or less each and can be restyled at a minimum cost is perfect.  if you buy them now you can start redoing them ever so often in preparation for the holidays. if you arent quite ready for a diy project, but still want to have a great look on a budget the above look is quite beautiful. i know i said i don't like the mixed-matched look, this one is an exception. all of the chairs have the same neutral color story. i am sure this look can be achieve with some persistent visits to the flea market, garage sales or a thrift store.

even if you don't have a large dinning room to host a dinner party, you can move a few pieces around and host a sit down dinner in your living room or the largest room in your space. if you are renting, like me, and are unable to make significant changes to the space, like me, then adding personality to pieces of furniture will create a custom look for your guest to enjoy.

start planning now for a sit down meal with friends. find some inexpensive chairs and give them a facelift. when the season comes around you will be way ahead of the mad rush.