for $ can do this

as i child i remember my mother going to piece goods, the salvage shop and a few other places and my sister and i would flip through wallpaper sample books. im not sure what it was, but the colors and patterns were always of interest to me.
fast forward many years later and here i am discovering a wallpaper book for $3.13 since wallpaper is not readily used in mainstream design anymore, it seems as if wallpaper sample books are either hard to come by, are already dismantled and redistributed or a bit pricey on the interwebs. so imagine my surprise when i came three wallpaper books.
i flipped through all of them and saw a lot of flowers, toile and children. not my design style. at all.
 when i got to the last sample book, there were tartan (plaid) sheets. score. as long as there was two or more sheets it was a win. to my surprise there were 11, including a few vintage maps.

if you have been following me for any length of time, you will know that i advocate buying frames second hand. hence the reason for THIS post. i wouldn't spend more than $10 on a frame in a thrift store. if it costs more than $10 you can easily go to wal-mart, target, or any craft store and buy them full price or at a discounted price. remember that. don't get hood winked.
after i pulled one of my frames out, i went online and printed this silhouette of a terrier, since mr. benjamin is a silky terrier.
after cutting it out , i spray painted the matting gold and placed the image atop the paper and ...

here we are. a simple easy project that costs less than $3. this project is actually one of my favorite inexpensive decorative updates to the home because a number of updates i see floating around are very female oriented. not mad at it, just not for me.

wall paper books are great because the pages are oversized and can normally fit a number of modest sized frames. i often find that attempting to frame pages from books always leave a little room on either side and i hate having to do extra for a simple project.

of course you could visit the interwebs and make a search for old wallpaper sample books and pick up one that has a few samples you like. as with anything, this project can be amended to fit any design scheme.

i was so fortunate that this find, was great for a small update in my space. 
i have intentions of framing the others, but i dont want to mess up the wallpaper samples just yet.