from the weekend...

i hope you guys had an amazing mother's day weekend. i did. i spent the whole weekend with mom.
mom and me (and dad and then my sister and her children arrived went for brunch on saturday.
mom is the diva...we all know it. she wanted me to let you ladies know that her shoes were faux snake's skin. no. i didnt know. i thought they were lace. lol.
of course we went thrifting together. saw this sign and stopped because i thought my sight was failing. then i laughed and realized thrift stores that aren't so glossy have some of the best finds...ever.
quite naturally, my niece, saw this little pocketbook and wanted it. mom said if she put it down dont worry about it. ha! she carried this lil pocketbook throughout the whole store, so i bought it. grandma says she is going to keep it and give it to her on her 18th birthday. LOL.
sunday we went to church and this is what i wore. a vintage double breasted suit, with a ralph lauren shirt and a vintage tie. my spectators are by mezlans. since my mother is still with me my flower lapel pin was appropriate.

for mother's day i gave mom THIS. sigh.
it was all worth it when we visited my eldest aunt and she started going through all of these gospel LPs. there are some old songs that arent really popular enough to make it to mp3s. when i saw how excited mom was as she went through the stack from my aunt, i knew it was a good gift.
as always i have been updating the SHOP with a number of unique pieces and they have been finding great homes. if you haven't done so, please lock my SITE into your rss feed, or in any other way that you stay updated with new inventory. 

that was my weekend. what great things did you do over the mother's day weekend?