over the weekend...

did you have a great weekend?

i had an amazing time in fayetteville, nc at the independent artisans festival. i am so grateful for them having me.

i took a few photos on my important camera, but editing them is time consuming so here are some iPhone shots of my weekend.
i really do need to actively seek an assistant so that i can get some quality shots of the places i go as well as keep my organized. i keep telling myself that, but my level of trust wont allow me to break down and do it. its coming. its coming. 
i saw this suit at the independent artisans market. i really wanted it. of course it was a bit small. sigh 

i picked this briefcase up for $2.98 this weekend. such a great buy. i can afford the hermes birkin and other stuff, but a classic vintage case that no one else has...is right up my alley.
 one of the vendors d'ramont had these bracelets for sale. i've seen them around of a few arms and i've been intending to get into some more casuals clothing for the summer. i don't have a lot, but i think these would be quite interesting. i may even do some bracelets of my own.
i got crafty over the weekend and made a few flower lapel pins. these are not new or trendy. just forgotten. so part of this group's  responsibility is to bring back classic style as we help to serve our community.

i hope the rest of your monday is exciting. i will see you later on this week.