friday finds...

happy friday everyone!

i hope you had an amazing week. i did.

i always come across amazing pieces of furniture while i am out sourcing amazing items for THIS.

i honestly wish i was able restyle all of the pieces i see, however, the market can be so unpredictable.

what i can do is share pictures with you of the amazingness.

now i did buy these two end tables. they were only $8 each! i havent bought furniture in a long time. i am at that place, where i have done enough, and i no longer need to take on extra projects that i am not either going to sell or use for clients homes. 

but these babies, were too good to pass up!
okay. i really should have bought these. they were only $12.12 each. i could have made they could have been amazing!
alas i didn't
now this was one of those pieces i am sure many of you would have been excited about. it was beautiful. i must say. for me i would have painted this bad boy all black and keep the original hardware. but i could see this as a shabby chic piece for a more feminine touch. it was huge. but at $39.99 it was a great buy. i hope someone snagged it?

did you come across any amazing finds this week? send me a few pictures in my email. id love to show it off.