the $40 wedding dress

we made it! oh dont give me that monday face. lol.
this weekend was all about family because it was my cousin's wedding. 
my mother was going to make her wedding dress, BUT when she found this $40 wedding dress at goodwill in my hometown, we all gave her the thumbs up. i mean, i dont know how much wedding dresses cost, but tlc makes me think they are the same price as a good down payment for a house. so for $40 and a dress she loved. it was a win win. hmmm...perhaps thrifting runs deeper in my blood than i thought. lol
i sung the closing song in the wedding. wait. dont get too excited. im not that great of a singing. well i am a southern churchy singer. yea. that kind. lol. anyway, this is what i wore.
a ralph lauren purple label green striped shirt, with a lauren by ralph lauren striped bow tie, a ralph lauren blazer and some white linen trousers i picked up in philly a few months ago

i am so glad i was able to wear these shoes. i bought them in new york last year and only wore them once. i just never had anything to wear them with.
my mother did make this pink polka dot dress for my sister. mom said it was a tad bit big on her. i am always in awe of the skills and the talent of my mom.
speaking of mom, here she is.
alright, this is my 8 year old niece. she happens to love every bit of camera time she can get. seriously.
i always stays with my parents when i come home. no exceptions. i took the girls (nieces) out for breakfast and we ran into grandaddy (its what we all call him now) at the huddle house. i was snapping photos and this one was the most precious one out of them all. seriously. i dont think he has seen this one yet. i am sure he will be showing everyone once he gets it. lol.
just like most amazing moments in life, these images were captured by my iPhone.

how was your weekend? what did you do?