friday finds...

whew its friday! im glad. this week was not a good one.

here is another installment of friday finds. if only i had a million clients, these pieces would immediately have a great home.
this mirror had soooo much potential. im sure you couldn't make it for cheaper than what they were selling it for. i think. cuz you know sometimes these thrift stores think they are upscale boutiques and price stuff out the waazzo. even if you removed the mirror and painted the inside with black chalk, it would still be an amazing piece. wonder who gave this an amazing home?
im sure by now most of you know i love a good pair of plaid pants. when i saw these i just had to get them. they dont fit properly yet, but they are on their way to meet the tailor. they remind me of THIS collection, but without the price tag and the gaudy runway presentation. 
i havent seen one of these in a looong time. they were all the rage a few years ago. this was about to hit 50% off, so at $40 it would have been a great purchase. THIS one is a great idea of how you can modernize it. THIS one was quite popular.

this lil desk was in awful condition. everything was falling apart and it was riggity. im sure in some of your areas it would have been $300! lol. joking (although its possible). the drawer pulls got my attention. they were fantastic. if you don't like the piece, but like the hardware, but it. take the hardware off. leave the piece in the store as a donation back to the store. number one it avoids you having to take something you don't want and you get to leave something that someone else perhaps wants.
 i knew for a fact, no one wanted this. of course, i did. this could easily be cleaned up and spray painted gold, black or any other statement color. honestly, it doesn't even have to work. it could just sit there, with its beautiful vintage self. 

if you dont visit thrift stores for amazing accessories then you are truly missing out. i walked in on a friday afternoon was able to score two of these. the associates said they had gotten in about five. i immediately thought of THIS high end look.
with the amount of traveling i do whether a few hours or many states away, a good durable bag is a must. so when i saw this military bag for only $9, i quickly grabbed it and threw it in my buggy (down south we say buggy, not cart). its massive and can fit so much in it. of course, my sister and my mother wanted it during my last visit home. nope.

so how did you fair this week on your treasure hunting? anything amazing like the ones above?