it's hard for the new guy

it is great to have so many of you drop by to visit and see what i am up to. i know a few of you would like to see a few more design projects, but the truth is i am not always knee deep in a bucket-o-paint.
 now i do have a few projects going like these chairs, that i blogged about HERE
 for the most part i am out getting amazing pieces for my online shop that i really enjoy. 
this will be my first year attempting to go into business for myself and its hard for the new guy. there are so many things i dont know. the behind the scenes adventures are not always as glamorous as tv appearances or even blog posts. 
many times i get it wrong. i make many mistakes and sometime i feel down right awful and question is this really the avenue for me.
am i the only one that does that? of course not. i know it takes years of practice before perfection kinda sets in. so i am trying out a whole bunch of different streams of income until i find the one that is right for me. 
so far i really like having an online shop. okay. i really like the styling part. the shipping and the customer service i could really let someone else handle that. its important to know your strengths people.
so here are just a few of my styling that i post for my ONLINE SHOP

if you are ever in the need of something special for that guy friend or for yourself, send me an email and i could quite possibly help you find it. 

oh yea, today i released new inventory. check them out HERE