big impact...small investment

  i was on ebay sunday evening just doing my thang and i came across this image.

ralph lauren. polo. yes.

i saw the auction in just enough time to do a little research and see the price comparison and the availability or non availability.
with only one bid in play, i chimed it and got this 26 X 26 fabric sample for a mere $8 and change. retail was $70 - $100 a yard. score.

i am going to be honest with you. great design cost. often times it costs a lot. interior designers use the term "investment piece," to justify spending a lot on a item. i get it. i have "investment shoes" where i justify the extra zeros. lol. anyway, one of the things you have got to be careful about when decorating on a budget is not to have that cheapo cheapy looking space. ive seen some of those in blogland.

i love to thrift, just like many of you, but there are moments when i invest in quality. knowing where to invest is key. a great fabric is one of those places. if you remember from THIS POST you will know, fabric can be very expensive. ridiculously expensive. believe it or not, people can tell if a fabric is cheap.

it is somewhat of a challenge to get access to what is known as "to the trade" fabrics, without a designer. fabrics that are "to the trade", are reserved for individuals who have certain credentials and qualifications in the interior design community.
thanks to the interwebs, you can get very expensive fabrics at a very reasonable price, just like i did.

if you search for key words like "fabric remnants" or "sample fabric" on ebay, etsy or any search engine, you can often come across some amazing fabrics that are just enough for a nice pillow or to cover the seat of a chair.

so lets go a little further and start adding a few statement pieces to the home, because you can get a big impact, with just a small investment.