easy decorating/styling ideas from thrift store finds...

okay. i admit. i have been a semi awful blogger.

the honest truth is that there are a lot of things happening around me. some good. some bad. so i have been doing a lot to attend to those efforts. sad really, because i enjoy blogging. i enjoy inspiring all of you.

since i am on PINTEREST, i have been seeing a lot of great ideas that come from thrift store purchases. here are a few of my favorites that you can try out with just a few dollars. 
this silver tray painted with chalkboard paint from dear lillie is (one of my favorite weekly reads), is an amazing way to add elegance to a vignette. trays can be very inexpensive, like $1-$5. i would certainly look for a tray with an ornate border, so amazing.
you may not know this, but i picked up about 6 gymnastic trophies from the thrift store the other week. i shared it on facebook, but neglected to share them here. imagine taking some old trophies and spray painting it a hot color. like this hot pink color. whoa!
i vicariously live through miss mustard seeds daily blog posts. this vignette is a perfect example of pulling items from a thrift store, more specifically those cloches.i love the way she grouped hers.
i admit. i do not like a lot of the cheese tray tops on plates on candle sticks. however, if the candle sticks are like these its a win win for me. remember we don't want our projects to look cheap, but chic.
seriously. just dip the handles of spoons in food safe paint and BAM! silverware are at almost every thrift store. don't dare pay over $1 for it either, because that's how much they are in the dollar tree. lol. now i know some of you are saying, "ooooo i can just simply spray paint the handles" tsk tsk tsk. i don't think that is safe. if you are going to eat with them. fine. if you are going to do this make sure you have locate paint that is food safe. such a fun idea. image various ones in the same color all down the table. yea.
for my fellas! i appreciate all of my guy readers. i really do. this pin description said these bracelets were made from old ties. lie. look at the buttons. they are made by a designer. great idea.
luckily i kept on a searching and came across these. these look more like old ties and they even look like something you could do. i guess the catch 22, would be to have a stash of amazing old ties.
this one is my favorite. while i don't personally set a table for dinner (cuz its just me), i am a fine of a beautifully set table. plastic animals can be very cheap in thrift stores (not so much craft stores). whether they match or not they would be excellent to add depth to a table setting, atop books or even in a jewelry set-up.

shopping at thrift stores is more than just saving money. it is honestly a great way to explore creative ideas for yourself and your home. so i will try to blog about items that are commonly found in thrift stores, not so much the are rare finds.

did you like these ideas?
what ideas do you have to suggest from common items at thrift stores? do share.