thrifty tuesday: your submissions

i know i am not the only one that comes across amazing finds at thrift stores. while i don't do linky parties (there's enough of them), i do feel inclined to share what you share with me. well the good ones anyway.

so here we go!

this was an estate sale haul. no price tag, but im sure she got an amazing deal on everything.
although it only had one well paying $75 for this grill was a lot better than forking out $250 for parts on the old grill.
i shared this one on facebook on saturday. so its a repeat if you are fan on facebook, but at $15 a chair, i dont mind repeating it. 
the full set of 4 was $50. so thats a really good deal right there.
i do love a good pair of chairs. so i was a bit taken back when i got this email saying they pair $20 for each of these chairs. luckily they like the pattern so no makeover, but if it were
 how about we end on a hallelujah note. no seriously, these were picked up at a church sale for $6 for the pair! now that's enough to sing about. 

so which was your favorite find?

if you have anything to share tweet it to me (MrGWHunting) using the hashtag #MrGWHThrifts. that will ensure i get it. emails get lost in the shuffle. i admit.