a small condo redo...

years before there were blogs showcasing the best in home transformation there was rate my space.
rate my space was the place where are number of popular bloggers got their start. it is also the place where i religiously logged onto to get inspiration for my various apartment.
this one space uploaded by idstudio3dotcom, really pushed me to want to purchase a small condo and transform it. it was mind blowing to see what someone was able to do with such a small bit of real estate. this space was uploaded back in 2008 so the process could have possibly started in 2006-2007. 
this condo project was small. as a matter of fact it was 493sq ft small. this photo really gives you a good perspective of the space. most people who like amazing spaces always like to see what the before was like, so lets take a look at that. shall we?  
it appears the kitchen original cabinetry was saved and just a few coats of paint were added (previous picture). everything seemed to have great bones in this old space. that is the great things about older properties, while they may not have all of the bills and whistles that many of the new developments have they certainly boast amazing sturdy and quality features.
for many a blank slate such as this one can be very intimidating as they are unsure where to start, but for me this is just the start id like to have. with no previous idea of what was there before.
after housing market crashed in a number of areas, there have been a a lot of great deals popping up all over the place. while these type of deals are great they often require a elbow grease, but the finishing line certainly makes it worth it in the end. of course every little bit helps. or rather every little helper...lol
every day i grow closer and closer to finding one of these little gems just to have my own space in the world i can call mine. its possible.

i found the original post here

if you had the chance to update an old space what type space would you choose? a condo, cottage a loft, brownstone,something else? id love to hear about it in the comments section. i am definitely looking forward to hearing your response.