it all started with this space...

my love of grasscloth all started from this single room. i came across this space over 4 years ago on rate my space and was forever smitten. there was such a professional warmth about this space that really captured my attention. perhaps you can now see why i was so excited when i almost tripped over THESE.
for years i kept coming back to this space online hoping to find additional images of what the other rooms looked like. it's one thing to be inspired by one , but to see it in combination with the adjacent rooms really tells the story. so many times one room can look amazing, but there is no flow with the adjoining rooms. just this week i decided to look a bit further and i actually found the space was designed by oliver steer, based out of london.
with these extra images in hand i can now see that the space is well coordinated and rightfully so. it seems as if grasscloth is used throughout the home, which i absolutely adore. 
when i saw additional photos of the space i realized, there were quite a few changes in layout, but the base (wall and flooring) are still the same. 
for more images of this space you can visit the first space is truly my favorite. 

which one do you like best?