brunch at samuel heath (london)

i just got my water bill the other day. apparently i used over 18,000 gallons of water last month. pfft. someone should have told me so i could have installed an in ground swimming pool and put that water to some good use. but, if i had to waste water (not that i would...knowingly) it would definitely be by way of a samuel heath bathroom fixture.
 during my time in london on the blogtourld team i visited the samuel heath showroom. what a visit that was.
samuel heath was a sponsor for blogtourldn and i can definitely say their showroom was amazing. everything was sleek and simple yet sophisticated.

 when the blogtourldn team arrived to the showroom this was waiting for us. if there is one thing i love, its a good brunch and this is probably the second best thing i enjoy doing on a sunday (after a good a church service of course).
as we all were feasting on the delectable fruits, bagels and pastries, we couldnt help but touch and feel the amazing products in the showroom. perhaps amazing is a bit of an understatement as samuel heath has been producing quality fixtures since 1820. thats quite the time to perfect the craft...wouldnt you agree?
hand produced from brass, i was drawn to the style moderne collection. with its sleek polished black brass i could simply imagine the contemporary feel it would give to bathroom space. my bathroom space.

to see more you can visit their website samuel heath and take in all of the sophistication you can muster.

before i go, the 18,000 gallons of water fiasco was due to a running throne as well a a leaky shower in my house. so glad im renting and not owning (that's my coping mechanism for really wanting to own my own home).

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