the highs and lows of it

its safe to say that we all love a great thrift find. whether it be a campaign dresser that you repainted in a kelly green color or classic tweed suit there is something amazing about find quality pieces for an amazing price.

one of the tricks that creates a balanced look for the home or your wardrobe is to mix high priced items with low priced items. do keep in mind that because it was inexpensive, that doesn't mean its cheap. there have been many items i have purchased second hand that run circles around retailed items.

for the home a great second hand chair with interesting lines or great bones can often come at a very low price. if you didn't spend a lot on the chair or chairs consider using the money you saved to turn them into a statement piece.
i really love how from honey and fitz personalized these classic louis style chairs that she picked up for only $50. although she saved on the chairs, she spent more on the chiang mai dragon fabric, which runs from around $250-$350 a yard. while these chairs were picked up second hand (low) the fabric (high) gives them a custom look. 
ive often told my mother and other female friends that women clothing cost much less than men. a lady can buy a $1 shirt while thrifting...belt it...put on some heels and statement. not so much for men. karla's closet, one of my favorite female fashion bloggers karla closet often pairs vintage (sometimes thrifted) clothing pieces with statement shoes. high and high end shoes i might add. 

by pairing this high and low you cant really tell the monetary value on the dress. while you can probably guess the shoes were spendy you may not be able to accurately guess the price of the dress. 

for me, value comes by way of the presence a piece exudes, not the price tag (although a low one is a win win).

i will start adding more of the high and low throughout the year so that you can create an amazing home.

tell me. where would you spend money on the high end?