5 THRIFTING TIPS: for thrifting on saturdays

happy saturday everyone! 

TIP #1: you must arrive early. like right when the doors first open. 
being one of the very first people at the thrift store on a saturday means that you will get first pick at the most recent inventory. while there is no way to determine what time items will be placed on the shelves, you can be certain that most associates are prepping for the weekend thrift warriors. 
so show up early

TIP #2: wear leggings, body suits or extremely tight clothing. okay. i guess this is really useful for people shopping for clothing, but still. while a lot of thrift stores have fitting rooms, a number of them do not. wearing tight clothing will give you the freedom to try on clothes just to make sure they fit before you buy them and they not fight ultimately wasting money.

TIP#3: since we are talking clothing, make sure you check other places for hidden gems. people put article of clothing in different places throughout the week so that they can return on saturday. while i dont want to mess up anyone's hustle, get it when you see it.

TIP#4: the worst thing is to go out early saturday morning to thrift store shop and when you are ready to check out the line is as long as kingdom come. so you know what i do? i bring cash. cash is much faster than a credit or debit cared. why? well, you already know what you have to spend. so if you only bring $20 then you know you only have $20 to spend. so there is less "can you tell me how much i've spent so far?"

with a credit card, they have to swipe it and please don't let their system be slow, then its a wrap! let's back up. BEFORE the swipe many will require a valid id. that's nice, but i don't carry a wallet so my driver's license is kept in a secure location and i just don't have it on my person. okay i admit that may be a personal thing since most ladies carry a purse.

where was i? oh yea, with a credit card, you have to sign the credit card receipt and some of y'all think signing a receipt is signing an autograph. you are just so extra with all the swoops and the loop de loops. you should see how i am looking at your right now.

after all of that they have to separate the receipts, give you your copy and keep their copy.

with cash. you pay, get change and receipt and bam, your done!

TIP#5: grab first and think later. since the weekends are the time most people shop, it behooves you to grab what you want and then check it out. while its in your cart. you can be looking at a sofa, turning it upside down and someone comes in a swoops the tag right off it. remember. its not yours until you lick the tag. well not really. its not yours until that tag is in your possession. grab it now. think about it later.

thrift store shopping on saturday is extremely fun. but make sure you use these tips to make it less hectic.

got any tips to add for "saturday thrifting"?

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