did you see my new wall paper?

I am in the process of decorating my design studio. I am very amped (apparently its not a word) about it. As with any space there are challenges that I have to work around. One of the major things I had to work around was the concrete entry wall.
This wall is about 10 x 22 (12 foot ceilings). One of the main reasons for wanting to cover it up is because there is a lot of dust (I guess) that rubs off on your clothing when you brush up against it. That in itself is a MAJOR NO NO. While I do have the option of painting it, I won't. I wont paint it because I think that will be a permanent aesthetic solution to a personal problem. The renter before me, utilized the space in a manner that the residue on the wall, wasn't a major issue. The other reason for not painting is quite simple. It would take toooo long and I dont have the time to paint. So, I decided to do this.
I bought peel and stick wallpaper. Its actually very easy to use. Because I am using it on a concrete wall. I dont have to worry about any paint peeling. I'm sure that wont happen, but at least there is no risk here. After posting this image to my facebook page quite a few of you inquired about this particular wall paper.

here are the links for the above wall papers (in order)

Although I am using temporary wall paper on an entire wall. Here are a few more inspiring applications for peel and stick wall paper. 

I am excited about getting the studio together and having a few events in there. Its a small studio, but its where all the magic happens. What do you think of this peel and stick wall paper? Would you use it?