Friday Finds

Happy Friday everyone! I am in full swing mood on getting the studio completely decorated before the summer ends. I'm not sure why I set myself up for such a task, but I did. lol. I don't buy as many pieces from the thrift store as I used to, but here are a couple of items I picked up this week.
I visited one of my favorite Goodwill stores the other day and went straight to the knick knack area. That's where they keep the lamps. This store normally has a great selection of large lamps and to my wonderful surprise they had this pair. I really loved the urn shape of the lamps, but of course I hated the finish. 

As I am walking up to pay for the lamps, the lady at the checkout turns around and says, "I can never find great lamps when I come in here." I'm thinking, "That's because you aren't really looking." Seriously friends. You must keep your eyes open at all times when you are thrifting. You never know what you may stumble upon. 

I've already started making over the lamps. I spray painted one of them white. There are so many options when it comes to refreshing a thrift store lamp, but since this is going into my design studio, its best to redo it is a neutral color in order to maximize all of the intricate details. 
While I was taking out the trash from the studio, I bumped into this piece. I have NEVER dumpster dived, so I was turning around looking to see if someone was coming back for it. That lasted every bit of three seconds. I grabbed it and put it in my studio. SCORE! It does need a little TLC. If you look closely, the back leg on the left is splitting. I will need to get some wood glue and fix that. There are a few other areas that need some care, but those are doable. I'm still on the fence as to what color I will paint it (I'm not leaving it as it and shellacking it), although solid white seems to be ideal. 
So the table had an extra self. I was laying on the the bottom self. I thought about leaving it, but I went back for it and returned it to its place. I actually like it better without the middle shelf, but its good to know I have options. 

Designing the studio on a limited budget is going to be quite the task, but I am up for it.

Did you find anything great this week?