Monday's Mess...

Happy Monday Everyone!

My life is not as glamorous as you my think or as I may want to think. So I thought I'd share a little snippet of what Im calling #MondaysMess.

Most days of the week my studio looks like this.

Well its a hot mess to the untrained eye, but because I am a gemini slash creative, this is right on trend with everyday life. While I love being organized, most of the time there is a lot of chaos before the order comes As you can see there are jackets, pins, tape rolls, just a bunch of everything. But I need it so I can make beautiful stylings like this.
I love styling menswear as much as I love shopping thrift stores. This look is such a great Spring/Summer look. If it were my size. I'd wear it. Its not, so perhaps someone else will take this home from my ONLINE SHOP

So back to #MondaysMess.

Although I've been in this studio for a year. I've never really utilized the space to its fullest potential. Honestly? It has always been a sorting and storing facility for the pieces I source. But, lately I've been feeling as if I can squeeze just a bit more out of the space.
The studio isn't large. It's only 360 some square feet with 12 foot ceilings. Right now its really just a hodge podge of stuff 9 as you can tell from the above photo). Regardless. I love it. I am space planing right now for a dinner party. I mean I practically have enough chairs to do it with. You see those two end chairs? Remember them from THIS POST?

While here is an inspirational photo to get you kinda focused in on what will be happening in the next few months.
I am really excited about where the studio is headed. If you are in the Greater Charlotte, NC area, look out for special events I will post here on the blog and come see me and hang out!