style files | khaki suit

Happy Friday Everyone!

All summer long I have been wanting a khaki suit. Although I have very few places to actually wear suits in my area, I do wear them for church and out of state events. When I saw this suit in one of my favorite places to shop, I knew I had to have it. a Khaki suit is truly one of the staples of summer for the well dressed man. It can be dressed up or down. I've seen many brides incorporate khaki suiting into the wedding for their groomsmen.

This particular suit was so inexpensive and it left me a lot of room to get the proper alterations. The pants were tapered and lengthen. I had my tailor to shorten the sleeves and of course contouring the body of the jacket. 

I was so pleased when I got the suit, I could hardly wait to wear it. Seriously. I wore the suit to the studio today. lol. 

I will be going into more details about how I shop for clothing. If you like this suit click HERE for some great vintage suits and blazers at a great price. 

Enjoy your weekend!