What Would You Do? (Friday Finds)

Welp its Saturday! That means absolutely nothing if you are a business owner. However, I thought I'd show you guys a few pieces I spotted in the thrift store and a few other places.
I am sure many of you have seen pieces like this transformed throughout the blogosphere. I think it is a very substantial piece for perhaps a tv a a few other items. It provides a huge amount of storage for toys if you have a few little ones in the home.

Of course using it as a buffet and storing plates, napkins and all other wares for entertaining is quiet ideal. Wish I had the space or the room. Sigh. I just don't. Even if I had $23, I had no truck.
I admit. I moved a whole bunch of stuff out of the way to get this photo. I am pretty sure the workers in the store thought I was going to buy it. Nope. I just want to get a good photo. I LOVE these type pieces. They have the perfect lines and construction. Its no too old looking and its right on trend with what is being sold in high end furniture show rooms. I can definitely see this is a deep sensual shade of grey. The front inset alone was worth the purchase. It was only $20!!!!

I know right.

Last find. Not at a thrift store, but if you were looking for a local source...
So I was on InstaGram the other day and one of the locals grammed that they found a ghost chair...in Ross! I didn't believe. I was itching to go out to Ross right then and there, but I waited a few days. When I popped in on yesterday, I was almost disappointed because the furniture section was quite bare, except for a few other pieces and this ghost chair!

Ghost chairs have been trendy for quite sometime. I am in the process of order 20 for the studio and really wanted to test it out before I made such a large purchase. Well. I did. They are pretty comfortable. I was nervous about the frame because when you sit down the chair does that thing the plastic outdoor chairs do. That wasn't too bad, because its not like I will be hosting a musical chair rally with the chairs. lol.

Have you seen the ghost chairs in your local Ross store?

How about the above pieces? What would you do with them? Id love to know in the comments!