Weekend Finds | 7.5

Happy Monday Everyone!

This was a very busy weekend for me as it was our 30th church convocation and I went to Florence, SC to be in the number. I also went to visit my sister in Columbia, SC. Since I was in Columbia, I decided at the last minute to make a quick pit stop into Goodwill. Just to see if anything there was worth sharing. Well, here is what I came across.

This rattan wingback chair was definitely a trends eye catcher. Although its not my style. I was surprised to see it still there,
especially when the price tag was $15.75! The first price was $30 and some change. I mean all it needed was a fresh coat of paint and a new cushion. That would not have been hard at all. Sigh.
Then I spotted this. 
A 6 seating dinging table. It needed updating. Just imagine the many directions this set could have gone in. The colors the fabrics. Sigh. 

The table was a lil rickety, but the chairs alone would have been worth the purchase. 
I didnt buy anything. I rarely do now days, but its always fun to drop in and see what treasures await. 

Arent these pieces lovely?