blueberries | thrifting

Good Wednesday Everyone! 
It has been so busy around these parts lately, I am going to really have to hire someone to take over a few business duties. Its time. 

Anyway. I wanted to show you guys these 4 blue glass cups I found the other day. 
When I saw them, I knew I had to get them. I love their rich blue color and I think they will be amazing on the table for an upcoming surprise birthday brunch. I will probably put flowers in them or maybe brightly colored jelly beans, because I love jelly beans!

 Thrifting can certainly be addictive, but if you are finding all the right pieces, there is no reason why you cant keep them all! 

Side note. These made me think of the youtube clip with the precious little girl and her blueberries. So not funny, but I cant keep from laughing. lol.