A few finds | Thrifting

Happy HumpDay!
I popped into the thrift store the other day and snapped a few photos of some great buys (and I few thins I purchased). 
If you follow me on Facebook, then you have already seen these chairs. They were only $10 each. I sort of have the room for them, but the just didn't fit the style I am going for this time around. I hope someone picked them up. 
Thrift stores always have great dinning sets. If you look with a just a little bit of inspiration you can surely add something unique to your space for just a few bucks. 
I know folding chairs aren't really that exciting, but since these were just above $2 each, I decided to buy them. I figured these would be great for extra seating even though I have 24 of these chairs. I know it is quite different in appearance, but this link inspired the creative in me. 
I thought this butterfly painting was really amazing. If the border was painted white, I think this piece would really make a great statement in a space. There may even be a chance to perhaps enhance it a bit with some additional coloring. 
These ornate frames were all the rage a few years ago in blog land and I still think they are pretty awesome. So collecting these would certainly be ideal. Most times they are less than $10 and can be used for a number of purposes, such as creating chalkboard, organizing board or even creating a mirror. I think these frames done properly is always a keeper. 
I don't pick up as many pieces as I used to when I am thrifting, but every now and then I have a project that I am working on and a few vintage pieces are just the right touch.

Have you come across anything amazing lately? Semi amazing? Down right ghastly? Do share!