First Sunday Brunch

Happy First Sunday Y'all!
Do forgive the iPhone photos as I forgot to bring my clunky and chunky DLSR with me to #1stSundayBrunch, which was hosted by LaVonndra Johnson. With an attempt to add some quality to the social scene among young creatives in the Charlotte area, First Sunday Brunch is certainly well on its way to filling that void. Of course anything that deals directly with the consumption of great food, has me hooked lined and sinked.

If you want additional information about first Sunday Brunch or would like to attend simply follow @ElleVJ_ (don't forget the underscore) on InstaGram. You can also follow me on InstaGram (Business: @TheCarrawayConcept  | Personal: @RashonCarraway.

Alright. I will see you all later on in the week!