Using thrift store items to create a dream space

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
Its been a great start to my week and I started going back through photos of my old living room on last night looking at just how many thrift store items I was able to find to create a "dream space" for myself. My style has always been very tailored and streamlined. Although my first attempt at styling my space seemed like a hodgepodge of items, over time I managed to find MOST every single piece at a thrift store and create a very calm organized contemporary space. Symmetry was an important factor in creating my space because I feel more at ease when my eyes can visually rest. 
So what came from the thrift store? Pretty much everything. The sofa, the end tables, coffee table, the lamps that beautiful mirror;  all were thrift pieces that spoke to me when I saw them. The price also spoke to me as well. When you don't have a lot of money, you have to take time to create a space and if you are shopping thrift stores the most important thing is to wait! 
None of the pillows were thrifted, but they were all purchased on clearance, which is almost the same thing. 
The only thing that I would really change in my living room would be to have hardwood instead of carpet on the floor.