All Black Masquerade Dinner | #RashonsDinnerSeries

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
Over the weekend I hosted another installment of #RashonsDinnerSeries. This one was the 
All Black "Masquerade" Dinner Party. In my area, upscale and elegant events are far and in-between. So I am trying to change that. 
After finding some inspirational images I settled on getting a custom jacket made. However, a friend stopped by my workroom and found a vintage coat I had and so I decided to take my thrifted coat into surgery and this is the result. When I tell you this was quite the task, but I so enjoyed it and my guest really enjoyed it as well. 

When I create my settings I try to be as economical as possible, while still providing a classy atmosphere. There are so many "inexpensive" elements to my table settings, that one would not even believe. Then
I cannot remember where I got the idea from, but I started using lamps on my dinner tables to give a bit of extra height. It adds so much depth to the space. The bigger the lamp and the shade the better. I prefer black shades with all of my lamps, but any shade of choice will do. Of course these lamps were thrifted. 
Im still looking at my coat. I love it!
I am so appreciative of everyone that says they are going to attend and actually attend. For this dinner party, people came from as far as Louisville Kentucky and upwards from Washington, DC. 
If you ever want to be part of a even of class and high style then you should attend one of my intimate dinner series.