The coffee table and the books and dusty. 
I didn't clean them off before taking the photo. 

I am a perfectionist. these pieces were in storage and decided to pull them out and put them to use. 


I love my design studio. Unfortunately the initial reason I got it is soon to no longer be the reason I keep it. So I am torn as to whether I should keep my studio and spend extra money to make it look great, or get rid of it, pocket the money and brush up the home front. Truth is,  no one ever comes to my house. My parents live 2 hrs away. My sister lives an hour away with kids, so they are always on the go. My brother is traveling at the moment. My best friend lives about an hour away (but we talk 4 or more times a day). Friends? Well...


I feel as if I let it go I won't be able to get it back. Granted that is a good chunk of my budget I can get back. 

Currently I do host a few dinner parties and friend of Rashon Carraway and The Carraway Concept can use it for workshops and other events, but is it worth holding on to?

Now I will admit I do need a space to photograph projects, but can't I do that at home?


*the above photos are quick shots of my living room. i am playing with textures and pieces i already own to see how quick i can pull the room together. so far. so good.*