Dollar Tree Mirror Makeover

Ive been in my small design studio going on two years now. While my studio is not in a big city, it does have amazing features I am going to highlight. Of course one of the main things is to decorate the space, without spending a furniture.

I picked up this ornate picture frame a little over a month ago. I passed over quite a few of these in the past. Ive always wanted them, but I was stuck on the notion that it needed to be wood. So glad I changed my mind.
I knew immediately the potential this frame had when I saw it. The common thing to do with a large frame is to paint it a bright color and paint the back with chalkboard paint. It is also common to turn these into message boards. I don't need either of those things, but a quick trip to Dollar Tree and $10 later, I am relishing in this beautiful mirror. Well almost.

I had a full tutorial planned, but the way I work, I can't snap photos and complete the project at the same time. Granted if someone else was snapping the photos OR if I were getting paid...

You know, I may teach a class this summer.

This mirror is part of my studio redesign.

So what do you all think?