Can we talk for a minute?

or a few minutes.

At the beginning of each month, I will write from the heart. Letting you know how the last month went and what I am looking forward to in the next month. This is good for me because it pushes me to plan, which I am not very good at doing.

So let's jump into May!

Since I started this blog, it has taken many many turns. Honestly, its my turn to steer this blog into the direction I want it to go. I know ultimately that means I will lose followers (if you have not already left), but I will also gain new followers and be more content, with the content.

I will start creating more original content for you guys. I will need your support in sharing the content. Unfortunately my personal taste is not all color driven, I prefer the look of luxe, such as black gold and silver.

My mother was always crafty. From sewing her own clothes, cross stitching, to reusing pages of wallpaper books, she was the creator. I have started taking after her. So I will be sharing some easy things you can do to create inexpensive luxe pieces. These may be classes as well so if you want to join me in any of these classes, please make sure you watch out for those dates.
I am blessed to have a loft studio in downtown Rock Hill, SC. Its a great place create and host various installment of #RashonsDinnerSeries. Having these intimate dinners give me the opportunity to be creative. I love beautiful tablescapes and since I rarely am invited to dine with others, I figured why not do it myself. This dinner series is private and you will need to sign up HERE in order to receive an invitation.

May has starting off a bit rocky, I must admit. However, I have started long range planning for the second half of the year and I am looking for peace of mind and full creative juices to start flowing.

Let's hear it for the month of May!