Friday Favorites

Its Friday! This weekend is extra good because it is Memorial Weekend, which means many of you will have an extra weekend day!
Anyway. I am still in progress with my living room (I out the bedroom on temporary pause. Well honestly, I just need to find and buy the perfect bed).

- I recently found out where to buy these candles online, but I still need to smell them in person.

- When I saw this room, with these plates, I thought it was gaudy and tacky. Now? I want.

- Five years ago I fell in love with this lamp. Its great to know its available here in my favorite finish.
  If you like that lamp also try this lamp, this one, or this one.

-Speaking of lamps, this lamp is too expensive not to come with a shade, but I still like it tho.

-Father's Day is coming up. I am writing a post, but I think you should take a look at these in the meantime.

shaving kit // beard oils // backpack // this shaving kit // ear bud holder // these razors  // duffle bag 

And since you will be looking something great for him, take a look at my Women's Fashion board on Pinterest, I am sure there is something there you will like as well.

Well. I am off to the studio to do some much needed cleaning for next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!