I bought a house!

See! I told y'all I bought a house. Probably not what you'd expect, but when I saw this little gem in the thrift store I knew I had to have it. As you know I am redecorating my living room and I am on the hunt for a few specific items (which is one of my no no rules of thrifting). Anyway, while I was jaunting down the aisles I saw it and grabbed it! It was soooo inexpensive. 

Ive seen these houses here and there and thought they were always a fun addition to a room. Most people who have them in their spaces are more of the shabby chic type space dwellers. Wont be none of that here, but it will find a great place to reside in the condo. 

It is a little dusty so cleanup is next, although I did attempt to clean it. The top finial is missing on the left front, hopefully I can replace it very inexpensively. 

I was thinking this might be a bird cage, but I didn't see a perch bar, so I don't think it is. The top opens up, which is nice. I guess I can put stuff it in. Ive seen a larger one at an event I went to and there were candles in the inside. Gave a very pleasant glow to the space. 

Does anyone else have a little house in the home?