Friday Friday

Happy Friday! 

This week has been okay. Nothing exciting happened, but I do have a few events taking place this weekend so I am preparing for those. I am still working through my living room. Honestly? I just need to hang the drapes and finish the fabric wall. Since I am not rich, I am taking my time to make sure I have the proper funds in place. 

While I work on my living here are a few favorite photos from my PINTEREST PAGE that center around the Ralph Lauren Brand
I really want this desk. I saw one in a thrift store. It was almost exact, unfortunately I didn't have a truck and no one to help move it. I think it would have been too big for my small condo tho. 

Brass is back, but I want this GOLD PIECE

Speaking of gold, I need THIS SET. I can't afford it, but you know...

I love the sound track on THIS VIDEO

Albeit it was in 2007, this ENTIRE COLLECTION. It is safe to say it is the inspiration for my entire home. 

I knew a guy that worked at the Ralph Lauren Store in Atlanta and was hoping at some point he could order THIS for me with his employee discount. Sigh. 

I actually have this VASE. I bought it will thrifting. Still think I paid too much. 

While I am wanting to move, these photos make me want to host a party at the house. I have not had a birthday party or holiday party in a few years, so I do think its time. I have been collection silver pieces all year and I think its time to break them out. No use in having stuff if Im not going to put it to work. Although having it sit there and be pretty isn't bad either. 

I am off to put the last few touches on tomorrow event. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you got a good glimpse into what the brunch will look like. Im out for the day. Hopefully I can pick up a few things around the way while I am out.