The strangest thing happened...

A few days ago I am laying on the couch (because my bed is on order) and I hear the sound of breaking glass coming from the dining area around 5am. I get up (like they do in those scary movies) and investigate. I didn't see anything, so I laid back down. Later that evening, I went to grab a pair of scissors from the dining room, because I am crafting (thanks mom!) and this is what I saw. One of the lamps I bought from HomeGoods, that is a Broyhill lamp, spontaneously broke. Shattered. What the Sam Hill!?

At first I thought it may have been all that Charlie Charlie mess, but I am a believer with Holy Ghost power, so I wasn't fearful at all, but still. How does a lamp just burst, out of nowhere. I'm slightly upset, because these were my buffet lamps for my dining room makeover at the cost $60 each. For a guy that enjoys thrifting a $60 lamp is a good pinch, lets not even mention its two lamps!

Its strange because I have never had a lamp to just randomly burst (bust seems like the better word here, although if you are from the South, you probably said bust anyway). The scary part is, what if I had guest over while the lamp was on the table and BAM! No seriously, glass could have shot in someone's eye or in our food (and my dinner party would have ben ruined).

Honestly, I want another lamp. I mean you can't have a buffet with just one lamp. The funny thing is, the price tag is still on them. I have not even had a chance to use it!  I tweeted HomeGoods, with the hopes that they will replace it for me, but what would you do?

Is it my fault? Should I just call it a wash and forget about the lamp? Do you think HomeGoods can replace it? Maybe a store credit to get a new set?

Strange really. Scary if it was late at night. Oh let me also say, the lamp broke again, last night!

So what do you think I should do?