Dining Chairs Makeover: Before and After (from 8 years ago!)

Just in time for a throwback!

I was searching for an SD card to take some photos for my ONLINE SHOP. All of my new cards were eft home on my desk, but I just so happened to spot this blue card that fell out of one of my boxes in the storage room. So I plopped it in my camera started taking photos. I didn't event bother to check what was on it. However, when I uploaded the photos, I saw a makeover I did nearly 8 years ago!

I think I redid these chairs to resell on craigslist. I certainly remember redoing them. One thing is for sure, I have been a design addict well before I started blogging.
WOW. That looks good. If I do say so myself. Honestly, these are chairs I would use now. It's interesting has my style has slightly evolved over the years. I am still a fan of black and white and silver. 

That SD card had some other photos on it as well. I will share those later. 

Enjoy and always remember it doesn't have to cost a lot to be beautiful!