UPDATE from HomeGoods

Remember in THIS POST I told you about my exploding lamp?

Well, I am coming back to report that HomeGoods went OVER and beyond their call of duty to remedy the situation and its proper that I make sure I let you all know.

In hindsight I am sure they didn't want any bad press or worst if someone had gotten hurt, it would not have been pretty. Thank GOD none of that was the case.

Let me say that the HomeGoods rep sent me a reimbursement for both of the lamps and then sent over a complimentary $25 gift card to HomeGoods. He told me it would take anywhere from 2 - 3 weeks and in fact everything arrived in a matter of days.

Now I know there are several bloggers HomeGoods has partnered with in the past, even though I am not one of them I am so appreciative they took my concern serious.

Just like a children with 50 cents in his pocket, the $25 gift card was burning a hole in my pocket. So I dashed out to spend it. Ok. Ok. The real reason I spent it is because I am notorious for losing my wallet so on any given day I could have potentially lost the gift card.

So here is what I bought with the extras dollars they sent me.
These boxwood fern balls are my latest purchase from HomeGoods. I have been wanting a few of these for the longest, but could never get my hands on them. I am sure they are readily available at other stores, I just didn't know which one to visit.
They add so much life to the studio. I am holding on to the receipt just in case I decide to pass the studio along to someone else and I no longer need them. Although I have yet to see how they work in my apartment.


Anyway.  Happy Sunday Everyone and Thank You again HomeGoods!