Throwback Thursday: Nate Berkus Show

Probably a majority of you have come to know me from my appears almost 4 years ago on the Nate Berkus Show. That was a good time, bad and rough time for me. 

The good was that I was well known in the design and creative circles. The bad was that I got caught into a DIY thrifting persona, that was simply part of my life and could not shake it years late. The rough was that I recently lost my job and was completely broke. 

No one knew it at that time. I am ever so grateful for the few of you that support by reading the blog when I post, commuting and even sharing. Its great. 

I dont blog as much as I used to because, I really dont have the time to devote. Not that I dont have anything to blog about, but working for yourself is hard and when it comes to making money and blogging, the making money part is important because I have bills to pay. 

Life has a way of just switching everything up on you.