TOP 5 TIPS for finding the perfect lamp at a thrift store

I have a lot of lamps in my home. I have a few expensive lamps as well as thrift store lamps. The expensive lamps are in storage and the thrift store lamps are on full display. Sad really.

Anyway. I thought I would round up my TOP 5 TIPS for scoring the perfect lamp at a thrift store.

1. SHAPE: Always remember color can be changed. The shape cannot.

2. CONDITION: Make sure the lamps is in decent condition. I don't mind cracks too much as spray paint will obviously cover it. I dont even mind rust and tarnish, because if its a good lamp those things can be cleaned and you should clean every piece that comes into your space. If there are large chunks or noticeable chips, make a pass. Always remember for everyone 1 lamp you skip over there are 4 more waiting somewhere.

3. HEIGHT: If you used the word cute and lamp in the same sentence, then that lamp is probably too small. One of the biggest mistakes people make in decorating, is buying something that is too small. I suggest a lamp that is a least 25 inches high from the socket to the base. When you add the lamp shade you are going to gain about 10 inches or so and that is a great size.

4. MAKE SURE IT WORKS: I know I shouldn't  have to say this, but make sure the lamp works before you leave the store.

5. PRICE: My rule is not to spend more than $10 for a standard lamp. I say $10 because you have to factor in the amount of money for a new lampshade and paint. If you are adding in all those costs and you pay more than $10, you might as well take a trip to HomeGoods and score something brand new.

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