Friday Finds

I went out earlier this week to look for pieces for the SHOP and I am so glad I did, because the inventory was getting pretty low. While I was out, I decided to pop into a few of my favorite stores and see what was new, on sale and what captured my design loving eye. First up!


 I have a dog, Mr. Benjamin. He is my heart. Ive had him since he was 8 weeks. He is seven now. Every chance I get to spoil the lil booger, I do and I really wanted the smaller crate for him. When I got home I decided to see what the online comparisons were. This DOG CRATE is actually $60 cheaper, it includes free shipping and it has the option of black. All of that sounds really good because I dont have to try to lug it in my car, to take it home. It is a bit different, but her for $60 cheaper I can be okay with different. 

THIS particular model is slightly different as well, It has a few similar features, but I dunno. 

I saw this airliner wing table a few weeks ago at another HomeGoods. I know quite a few people who work as flight attendants and they would absolutely LOVE this table. If you dont have this table in your local HomeGoods, you can try THIS OPTION, or THIS ONE. I personally like it as a DESK, seen HERE. If I had a loft space, I would get it. Since I don't...
Chairs like these are really hard to find, however, these PILLOWS are a great alternative to place in your chairs if you can't find this exact set of chairs.

These boxes reminded me of these boxes, dont they?

I host a lot to dinner parities and flowers are really expensive. I am thinking about investing in a few faux flowers. If you like faux flowers take a look at the ones listed below. Do any of them work for you?

These are so right for the newlyweds. I also like THIS PAIR, THESE and THESE.
When I saw this velvet settee I was floored! This is such a great deal.
If you like that style sofa you should really check out the sofas above. Which one of them fits you?
Just take a look at these lucite legs!

These are so great to add a bit of architectural detail to your home. I also think THESE are great.

As I was walking out, the floor associate were bringing these chairs out. I think they are becoming quite the trendy piece if you are looking for that "Blogger Style" decor. If your store doesn't have them, dont fret, Ive  tracked down a few for you. 

Here are the chairs in BLACK, GREEN, RED, NATURAL, YELLOW, GRAY, and BROWN. Which color is your favorite? Which would be a perfect addition to your breakfast nook?

Next up, MACYS! 
This BEDDING jumped out at me because it was black, lol.
But there are some really good elements in here. I can see about three of these PINK PILLOWS lined up and the Black and White PILLOW,  mixed in another grouping as well.
I always get excited then slowly let down when I see striped dinnerware, because they end up being navy blue and not black. Even still these plates are still nice.
This KATE SPADE dinner set was so perfect for summer. My best friend loves KATE SPADE and she loves this color. I know she would be the first to pick it up.
There is nothing better than a good MONOGRAM MUG or PLATE.
This ice bucket. So Kate Spade!

These black and white spheres are no longer online, but hop to your nearest Pottery Barn and see if they have them because they are on sale.
These GLASS figurines were so fun. I wanted the turtle one. It would make a good paper weight. 
I love a good BLACK and WHITE piece. This one is on sale so I may go back and get it. What do you all think?
When I did design work with the NATE BERKUS he often used beads. THESE BEADS had a really nice color to them. They also have them in THIS COLOR. Beads really do add a nice layer to a vignette. Im not sure how long they will last, but THESE, THESE, and THESE are on sale and who doesn't love a good sale!

The PILLOW in the background really caught my attention. It has a lot of color to it and the TRELLIS PILLOW in the front had a nice texture to it and guess what, its on sale as well!

This gallery wall was put together quite nicely. The BEDDING was the perfect country touch agains the dark wood headboard. I prefer a taller headboard, but I guess when you have that many pillows it really doesn't matter does it. lol.
Here is a close up the PILLOW and the solid MUSTARD PILLOW
This beautiful dark CANOPY BED is currently on sale, but I am dying to get these floors! lol. You can see part of it, but the LANTERN hanging across the bed is such a great idea. I have a ceiling fan in the middle of my bedroom, so I can put any lighting fixtures in there. Sad really.
I have always wanted a few of THESE STONES to put around the house. Funny thing is that I always see them online, but have never seen them up close. They are so vibrant really.

Well its not really a long weekend because the Fourth of July is on a Saturday, but it is going to be a very busy weekend for a lot of people. Essence Festival, church summer conventions and so much more!

Be safe!