Casual Weekend

Friday was an interesting day to say the least. I changed my Facebook name from Mr. Goodwill Hunting to Mr. Rashon Carraway. Within minutes I started getting messages about the name change. It's okay. I lost a few hundred followers and I think I gained a few hundred. Its just one of those things that happens. 

Anyway this weekend is going tone casual for sure. Yesterday was jammed packed. I had a 6:30pm meeting and then I went over to hear a local artists (which I am hoping to partner with in the near future). After his set I left to go get something to eat at the restaurant next door. When I finished my fish and chips and came back outside, I noticed there was still music still playing. So I went back in and low and behold another artist was up. Needless to say, but I will say it, I stayed the whole time and got home pretty late. 

Today there is a lot going on as well and since the weather is going to be rather humid, I am just going to wear this causal look.