Things are changing...

Well. I was hoping to avoid this post, but after getting a number of questions, I think I should go ahead and give a heads up on a few things.

If you are following me on Facebook, then you know I changed the name from Mr. Goodwill Hunting to Mr. Rashon Carraway. There are a few reasons for it and I will be completely open and honest.

1. Mr. Goodwill Hunting as it was created, was a blog that attempted to highlight my journey through thrift store finds and decorating my home. That was five years ago and while I enjoy decorating there is only but so much a guy can do to the same place.

2. Mr. Goodwill Hunting really is a labor of love and not a sustainable financial endeavor. I did try to make it a business. I started off trying to redecorate homes. That proved to be a fail, because so many of you wanted $200 projects when interior design is so expensive. I even tried to sell "I Love Thrifting T-Shirts" and of the thousands of people that were following me less than 100 of you bought them over a 6 month span of time. As a business owner everything I do must make financial sense. I don't have the luxury of clocking in a 9am and clocking to at 5pm and getting a nice check deposited into my account at the end of the work week. I have to work and work really hard.

My final straw was this past weekend, when I attempted to host a $10 webinar. Many of your expressed interest in me doing a webinar and sharing tips. I guess I misread that, because of the nearly12,000 Facebook followers only 8 of you purchased a $10 pass. That was a real blow to me, but it was exactly what I needed. A real answer to whether Mr. Goodwill Hunting was worth fighting for and you answered and for that I am really appreciative. So, the signs were pointing to the inevitable, to let Mr. Goodwill Hunting be a great memory and move on to something that provides income as well as a creative outlet for me.

3. As with everyone we all want something for free, even I do, but at the end of the day I have bills to be paid and I cannot continue to buy furniture pieces, I don't need and make them over with no partnerships or sponsorships, it just doesn't make sense.

4. Now, I currently am working on a few things I have been playing around with in the back of my head for such a long time. I love being creative, but I also want to eat. I am 31 and my future is now. I am single. I do not have anyone to pick up the slack when there is no money. No one is there to hand me $100 for my light bill.

5. I have contemplated letting Mr. Goodwill Hunting go for almost 2 years now and I just woke up and did it.

Now will I continue to thrift. Yes. Will I continue to post makeovers. Yes.

The hardest thing to say is this. Brands aren't partnering with Black male bloggers in home decor.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting is just not a financial beneficial anymore. I have great ideas, but money is needed in order to make these things happen.

Will the content change. Yes. Will there be great content Yes.

BUT I will still be wheeling and dealing on PINTEREST as Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Let me not make this post seem so bad, let me end with the good. I LOVE EVERYONE of YOU for YOUR SUPPORT. I would not be the brand I am today without your support. Your emails, tweets they do my heart well. You guys pushed me. I am sooooooo grateful. There would have been NO Mr. Goodwill Hunting without you all.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting is Rashon Carraway. I am Rashon Carraway.