25 Jobs to earn extra money

That was a long title, but a necessary one.

I mentioned some time before that I will be blogging about more lifestyle topics. Well this is one of them.

The holidays are coming up which means a lot of spending. If you are like most people and need just a few extra dollars for the holidays OR you are like me and want to have extra cash on hand to buy up the after Christmas sale items, then some of these jobs my certainly be for you!

1. Concierge

This job basically means doing things others don't have time to do, such as picking up dry cleaning, sending off packaging, picking up lunch. If you have the time you can certainly get the money. 

2. Personal Shopper/Fashion Consultant

This is currently a booming business. Whether you are styling a celebrity, a pastor and his wife or the local socialite, if you have a marketable eye for style you may be able to get consistent clients. 

3. Snow Removal

If you live in an area where snow is heavy heavy this could prove to be great. If you are fortunate you could dominate a market that has little snow and out of the blue gets a heavy dose of snow.

4. Lawn Care Services

Many people are too busy to learn how to keep a beautiful lawn. If you can do it, you should.

5. Cleaning Service

Professionals, event planners and office buildings will all benefit from affordable cleaning services. Just make sure you have all of the necessary tools and are using products that fit your clients needs.

6. Virtual Assistant

Everything is lending itself to be operated by computers and if you can manage to get a few things do for people quick fast and in a hurry from a distance, this may be for you.

7. Medical Transcriptionist

This job seems daunting, but if you are already in the healthcare field, this may not seem so bad.

8. Event Planner

From holiday parties, weddings and even business events this could really earn you some extra cash. Just a quick note. There is a difference between being an event planner and an event designer.

9. Catering
With more and more people opting for non traditional locations to host events a good cook can certainly become a caterer (of course with all the proper paperwork).

10. Tutoring Services
There are numerous concepts people are unfamiliar with. Anything from Facebook to understanding football, tutors are needed and not just for school aged kids either.

11. Online Professor
Some courses must be accredited by certain boards. However, that doesn't stop you from creating you own course!

12. Massage Therapist
There are a lot of stress on people today and if you can make them feel better with your hands. Well.
13. Fitness Instructor
If you are in shape people are more apt to take your advice for fitness training.

14. Yoga Instructor
Yoga is becoming widely popular as millennials and other groups are becoming more and more part of the population. If you have mastered it, consider teaching it to others.

16. Personal Organizer
Not everyone is able to stay organized with the amount of work they have going on. If you can create peace in the midst of their chaos, then this may certainly be the job for you.

17. Freelance Writer
If you love writing creatively or even on a business level, there are a number of people who just don't have the time to do it and would certainly use your skills to stay on track.

18. Editing Service
A lot of magazines and websites could use this services, but you must be very very good. We don't want to have to come behind and edit the editor's work.

19. Graphic design
As brands and small businesses are growing they are very concerned about their brand and how it relates to the world at large. If you have this skill whether it be learned or natural you can flourish during the holidays.

20. Website development
Although there are numerous platforms that takes away the hard part of creating a website, some businesses need something a bit more complex and this is where you will thrive.

21. Coaching
Life Coaches, Basketball Coaches or business coaches, everyone need someone to push them a little further in life. 
22. Pet Sitter (dog walking)
These are great in high income neighborhoods as well are large metropolitan cities.

23. Blogging
If you have something to talk about, blog about it.

24. Social media marketing
Companies and brand all over are realizing the importance of social media and are hiring out people to take care of this branch of their company. If you are great at it you could really cash in.

25. Photography / Illustrations / Art
You don't have to be a professional to take photos. Some people aren't looking for glossy photos. They are simply looking for someone who can capture moments for them. 

Although a number of people have made careers out of all of these, there is certainly no reason why you cant pick up up a few extra dollars doing some of these.