5 Tips to a great morning

Unlike most people, I love mornings.

I don't even have to set an alarm clock because my biorhythm has been set to 6am since my days of college. Even though I am a morning person I had to learn how to have a GREAT morning.

So, here are my 5 tips to having a great morning.


Whatever your spiritual beliefs are, it is important to start your day with a secluded moment of prayer and reflection. I do this before checking my InstaGram, Facebook or email. I've learned in the past that when I start my mornings with social media I get stuck. I get stuck with trying to see who posted what, who said what, and so many other things. I realized that anything on social media will be there when I get to it. It's not going anywhere. Unless it is a contest or a special sale, I spend the first few moments of my day connecting my spirit. 


I dont really listen to any other music besides gospel. However, my personal exception is John Legend. I have a playlist on my phone and one of those is "Morning Manna". My playlist is filled with soft songs that encourage and inspire.  Music has a way of taming the restlessness that is inside of us all. I am a bachelor, so I don't have to worry about rushing so the next person can use the restroom. That's good because I literally take as much time as I need to listen to my favorite songs and of course sing every note.

This mood setting music sets the tone for the entire day. I know the day will be filled with so much decisions so I have to really set my frame of mind. I am still looking for this music player to go in my bathroom. I know its out there somewhere and as soon I find it at an affordable price. I am going for it. I would even take this one, but its sold out as well. 

A few years ago I started buying candles from Banana Republic. They were a bit more than I wanted to spend, but they made the house smell good. So yearly I visit a number of stores and smell all the candles. I take a photo of the ones I like and I wait until they go on sale and then I buy them in bulk so that I can use them throughout the year. 

I haven't yet chosen a candle scent for this season, but these are a few that I have been scouting. 

Speaking of candles, I don't just buy any candle, the candle must fit the decor of my home and it must also smell great. I prefer a savory fruit smell in my space. 


It is the important meal of the day. If I am in a good mood I will eat grits, eggs and sausage. If I had a work out between Tip 1 and 2, then I will eat fruit and maybe a hard boiled egg. Food is fuel. I have a friend that says food for him is just nourishment. So he really doesn't eat a lot of junk. I admit when I eat a healthy meal in the mornings I have much more energy and am more alert. 


I love to write. Not so much story telling writing, but penmanship . I love a good list. Whether I follow this list or not, I am a lister. Each morning I write down exactly what I want to accomplish that day. I also write down how I am going to accomplish that tasks I have set before myself. I try to refer to this least three times a day to make sure I am on track.

I am a stickler for having a great place to write notes. Although I have already picked out my 2015 -2016 planner, take a look at the planners listed below. Many of them have inspirational quotes on the cover, which makes it all the joy to write your day to day notes down. 


My final step to a great morning is casting out all doubt that the day is going to blow up before it even starts. Yes. I am going to be preachy, you must verbally declare greatness in your day. Taraji P. Henson said it best, when she said get away from negative people. In that same frame of mind get away from negative thinking. If you speak positive thoughts over your day. I promise you even if the bottoms falls out of it, you will see the good in the day.

Well. I am so glad you were able to drop by today. I will be back later in the week with a few more thoughts, some inspiration and a few sites you can visit for amazing buys.