Updates on the apartment

Hello Everyone! 

So excited you all decided to pop by today. 

The new updates to the apartment are coming along, slowly but surely. I have my eye on a few pricey items that I hope to pick up in the next few months, but until that time here is where the apartment is.

Let's start with the living room. 
There is this half wall that exists in my living room. Im not sure whose bright architectural idea this was, but I hate it. Its like buying a Mercedes Benz G-Truck, with no wheels. I mean. 
This is how I dealt with that half wall way back in 2011 (the date of these photos). I think placing a dresser/sideboard here was a great solution. This area could easily accommodate extra seating, but I don't have that many people over at one time, so that really isn't necessary. 

After making the decision to bring my small business back into my apartment, I knew the first thing I would need for all of the stuff would be adequate storage space. 
 Ikea was complete out of the question for storage solution because I hate putting that stuff together and it is extremely cheap and breaks easily. There was a high boy I was going to use, but unfortunately it sold before I could get back to purchase it. Fortunately this piece was in the back of the store and it was price at $125. It is 8 feet tall and a little over four feet wide and 2 feet deep. As you can see it has 4 drawers and two large cabinets and all of the upper space for styling, I meant storage. lol.

Even though the piece I wanted was sold, this piece is a more practical solution for all of the supplies I will need while running my business.

I called in a handy man service to move the dresser up 16 steps into my apartment because it was heavy! Plus I don't have any DIY tools and the top part of this cabinet will need to be secured so that it doesn't topple over the opening. I don't think it will but I want to make sure it won't.

Yes. I am going to paint it. I am not exactly sure what color, white is the top choice, unless I decide to change the color of the fireplace wall.
If you are following me on INSTAGRAM, you will already know I DIYed metallic grasscloth wallpaper in my dining area and I am working on the same concept in my living room.
I have already ordered my sofa and I am keeping my fingers crossed there are no delays or issues with the delivery. 

The above space is one of the inspirational rooms I am using to plan out my condo. My one bedroom is a fairly decent size, so I am trying to maximize the space in the best way possible. 
One of the decorating aesthetics I'm going for my update is less is more. I have already identified a few big accessories for my space such as these mercury ginger jars. I saw these on sale while I was home with my parents for Thanksgiving and did not purchase them. I called back and found out they were still on sale (big box furniture store) and available. So I made sure to request a hold. 

These ginger jars are $64. 

While flipping through the pages of my most current ZGallerie catalog, I noticed they were also selling mercury canisters.
Certainly slightly different, but has that mercury glass finish to them. 

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