Which set should I choose?

What a great weekend I had. Well almost. I went out to buy some dining room chairs from the store I had seen them in. When I saw them I didnt really have the money to purchase them, but I really didnt think anyone was going to buy them because they were not a popular style. Well, I called on yesterday morning just to see if they were still in the store and unfortunately they were sold.

I was both frustrated and upset. 

I was frustrated because I really didnt have the additional funds to purchase the chairs, but also upset, because I really wanted those chairs to be around when the time came for me to buy them. 


I went to a neighboring city and popped into HomeGoods and I found some really great pieces. 

I have also provided a few links for those that may not have a HomeGoods or may not have these particular pieces in your local store. 
This mirror was really calling to me. I could have it in gold or in black. The price wasnt extremely awful, but I knew I didn't have the extra space in my car to transport it. 

Here are some similar mirrors you may fancy.

Although thrifting is probably one of my greatest pastimes, I never use thrifting as the base for styling a room. I always thrift for extras and fluffing. One of the things I have started doing in the last few years or so is buying signature accessories.

Yes these pieces cost more, a lot more sometimes, however, these are pieces that I believe will create a signature look for my space and in many cases serve dual purposes.

I love the look of having a horse bust in the home. I had one a few years ago, but it broke. I bought it from TJMaxx (when the I find the photo I will share it on my INSTAGRAM page.

I spotted a few horse busts at another store and the white ones were much larger than than black ones. Not sure if I will purcahse it or not, but I kknow that I like the idea of having it in my space.

Maybe you like one the ones pictured above?

One thing I do not need in my house and that is another lamp. Unfortunately, that really doesn't prevent me from buying more lamps. What prevents me from buying more lamps is money. lol.

Okay. None of these chandeliers were found at HomeGoods, but I do like the fact that can make a close running for accents in the home.

If you are in the least bit excited about the thought of having black white with metal accents I am sure these are certainly right up your alley.

I have seen a number of these acrylic/lucite benches in HomeGoods. I want one, but I don't think my condo is set up properly to show it off in the best possible way. Do you like any of the benches above for you home?

Alright I have a dilemma.

As a renter you shouldn't invest a lot of money in the things you cant take with you or easily change back when you leave the space. For example. Don't replace all of the cabinetry in the kitchen or even switch out the countertops. What you might be able to do is add decorative removable wall paper or event small paint treatment.

One of the easiest and cost effective ways to enhance your rental is tackling that builder grade chandelier.

The apartment I live in isn't new. Most of the new condo and town homes have updated fixtures (and the rental price reflects that).

I went out and found some shades for my chandelier. I could have bought them from the thrift store for 40 cents each, but the ones at the thrift store was smaller, they never had 7 matching ones and they weren't black. Although this wasn't a deterrence for me, I really liked the large shades, so I went with it. Here is the issue.

I cant choose which one I think is best. I am not going to keep both of them, so can you all help me decide which one looks better?
 Here is option A. The cylindrical shade.
Option B. The cones.

I saw them both and decided to bring them both home and try them out.  I know which one I am leaning towards, but I am wondering which one do you think is better.

Let me know, because one set of these will be going back tomorrow!