A few more updates to the apartment

These last couple of weeks have been crazy for me. If time allows I will share a bit more later, but I want to share a few updates around my apartment, with you all.

This is my living room as of today. Well sort of. I just took the frame down because I want it back in the dining room. Now that its down I have to find some artwork to go over the sofa. I want something very large, but large can equate to expensive.

If you FOLLOW me on INSTAGRAM you will know I did a Dollar Tree DIY on the frame. It was great, but attaching the mirrors to the frame made hanging the "mirror" a challenge, because the mirrors were not perfectly sized to the frame which prevented me from hanging the mirror in a traditional and non traditional manner. I could have gotten something to hold the entire mirror up, but the cost of that would have been almost the same as getting a mirror cut for the frame. While sitting at the dining table, working, I came up with a solution I am hoping will work.

I am also working on a dinner party table in a couple of weeks and these are the things I already have on hand. I still need the make the napkins, because the color and the fabric I want isnt readily available at a decent price.

Don't mind that money on the table. It is going to bills this week, so I wont see any of it. lol.

Once again I apologize for my absence, but things have really really be crazy.

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