a simple refresh with Dryel

I am always on the go in a suit. If given the option I would wear a suit most of the time. Since I do wear a lot of suits and dress shirts it is important for me to wear clothing that are fresh. 

A few weeks ago Dryel reached out to me to become one of their ambassadors. With close to 100 dress shirts, I knew this would be a great opportunity to get my shirts refreshed without having to always take them to the dry cleaners, which can get rather expensive. 
I must say since I have become an ambassador I have used Dryel maybe 6 times already. As this post is going live I will be pulling a few pink shirts from the dryer and they smell soooo good. 

Let me give you a quick run down of Dryel and perhaps why you should use it. 

The biggest thing for me is that where usually I would hand wash all of my shirts, but since Dryel has this at home system, I simply

1. Spray my shirt (with the pre treatment), which is optional.
2. Throw it in the bag with an ultra cleaning cloth
3. Place it in the dryer for about 30 minutes and I am set!


I let it hang dry for a bit and then I place it in my closet and let it rest for the next time I am going to wear it. 

Have you used Dryel? Id love to hear your stories. 

*I am a Dryel Ambassador, but Dryel did not tell me what to say and did not shape my personal experience. I appreciate you taking the time to support the brands that support me. Without these finances, blog post will be far and few. Good blogging can be expensive.*