I remember the days when I would hop from thrift store to the next looking for furniture pieces to repaint for my apartment.  Well those days are long gone and it is more of a hassle for me to buy thrift store furniture, rent a truck, haul it up 16 stairs and paint it in my living room. So I buy retail and get exactly what I want.

One of my Facebook friends bought a house very recently and he started doing a lot of pinning to get inspiration on how he would decorate his new place. From his pins, I knew exactly what his style was and had a good feeling of the vibe his house was going to exude. The other day he uploaded a dresser redo that was just my style. With more than 400 likes and 50 comments I knew many of my male readers (and some females) would appreciate his makeover. Okay. Even if he didn't get that many likes I would have still shared it, because its awesome.

 Gold dipping furniture is a new trend I am seeing all over Pinterest. I love it and in the right space, the piece will be fantastic.

I asked him to talk to me about his makeover and here is what he had to say.

It was a craigslist purchase that I basically stripped, sanded and repainted. The hardware was painted so I had to strip the paint and scrub it with steel wool. I painted the entire chest satin black and then taped off the bottom for a dipped gold look. I got a trick off of Pinterest, which is to use vaseline to cover a certain area you don't want spray painted. That's how I was able to detail the gold pieces at the top. Not sure of the era...possibly 1970s
I love seeing how men are really getting back to looking great and living well. 

Here is a photo of a part of his dining room, another trend popping up all over Pinterest.

He has quite a few DIYs in his home. What do you think? How did he do?

Should I do a #MySexyBachelorPad home tour with him?