Black Cabinets with white backgrounds

I still have to paint the large bookcase I brought into my apartment a few months ago. I began painting the bookshelf it a while. While you would think I want to paint the cabinet black, you are correct. Despite my love for black and gray I have opted to paint this bookcase white. Well, off white. Since I am not painting the cabinet black, here are some black case goods, with white interiors.

I love the hint of blue in the books.

I have a birdcage. I think I am going to bring it out now. 

The white background on an all black bookcase brings about an unexpected surprise as you would assume the entire piece would be painted black. 

If you have been following me on INSTAGRAM you will already know how I purchase candles. If you don't know you are luck because I am going to talk about it here. 
Candles are one of those small inexpensive items that can really add a touch of personality to your space. As with most people who keep design consistency in their home, I only buy black candles. Maybe I should say I used to only buy black candles. About three years ago, Home Goods stocked a candle called warm honey. It was black with a gold motif on the front. I grabbed every single container I could that season. I was able to snag 34 candles in all. They did last all year. 

Side note. I got distracted and went to youtube and there are people that have like hundreds upon hundreds of candles. I don't want to say they are hoarding them, but I will say it is an obsession. 

I just bought three of THIS CANDLE and I am hoping I will find more of them while I am out. If not, then I may have to breakdown and pay retail price for them. Which I may be okay with because I have not come across a single candle that fits all of my requirements and this one hits it out of the park. 

Well let me go. I have to finish up a few orders from THE SHOP and take Mr. Benjamin out to walk. 

Do you buy a lot of candles or do you just grab one or two while you are out? No candles at all? Id love to hear about it.